Our initiatives funded programs (CHEAR Funding Pilot Program, CHEAR-Squared Funding) support novel pilot projects that further the Center's core missions. These programs focus on projects relating to health services and and policy research with an emphasis on vulnerable populations and health disparities. If you have an interest in collaborating with a CHEAR faculty member, please feel free to contact the CHEAR faculty member directly.

Research Programs: 

  • CHEAR Summer Institute (CSI) / Susan Woolford
  • Following Outcomes after Critical Illness (FOCI) / Joseph Kohne
  • A Tale of Six Cities / Folfoluwa Odetola, Erin Carlton
  • PICeW / Ryan Barbaro
  • The Michigan COVID-19 Research Program in Pediatrics (MI-CORP) / Kao-Ping Chua

CHEAR Center Summer Institute (CSI)

CHEAR PI: Susan Woolford

CHEAR Advisory Faculty: Fola Odetola, Sarah Reeves

The CHEAR Summer Institute provides a  novel program for undergraduate students to explore pediatric health services research with a community engagement component. The goal of this program is to advance the field of pediatric health services research by increasing the pipeline of researchers with early exposure to pediatric health services research, critical issues in health disparities, and community engaged work. 

FOCI: Following Outcomes after Critical Illness

CHEAR PI: Joseph Kohne

CHEAR Faculty: Ryan Barbaro, Erin Carlton, Lisa Prosser

Collaborating Faculty: Stephen Gorga

The FOCI program is a sustainable, longitudinal follow-up program for children who survive critical illness and their families. Through characterizing the long-term effects of critical illness, specifically sepsis, ARDS and AKI, the team is positioned to develop innovative interventions to efficiently and effectively limit the medical, psychosocial, and educational impact of critical illness to both children and families.  

A Tale of Six Cities: Perspectives from Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Physicians who Provided Care to Critically Ill Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CHEAR PI: Folafoluwa Odetola 

CHEAR Faculty: Erin Carlton

This program is a qualitative clinician interview study gathering the experience of pediatric critical care medicine (PCCM) faculty at hospitals across the U.S. where pediatric intensive care unit resources were redeployed to provide care to critically ill adults. The goal of this program is to determine the physician-level and perceived institutional drivers of physician re-deployment, challenges faced, and lessons learnt by PCCM physicians who provided care to critically ill adult patients with COVID-19.

Pediatric Intensive Care Workgroup (PICeW)


CHEAR PI: Ryan Barbaro

The PICeW provides mentorship for CHEAR affiliated faculty. The mentorship is provided by teams of faculty from within the CHEAR Center and core faculty in the IHPI master's program. 

The Michigan COVID-19 Research Program in Pediatrics (MI-CORP)

CHEAR PI: Kao-Ping Chua

CHEAR Faculty: Jeremy Adler, Kevin Dombkowski, Joyce Lee, Zubin Modi, Sarah ReevesCourtney Streur

MI-CORP leverages CHEAR’s substantial expertise in administrative data and provides data for CHEAR faculty to conduct groundbreaking work. Additionally, regularly updated reports will be provided for the public on: 1. Trends in outpatient visits and preventive service use, 2. Trends in the number and indications for pediatric ED visits, including policy-relevant conditions such as depression, suicidal ideation, and child abuse, 3. Trends in the number and indications of hospitalizations by children, 4. Trends in pediatric prescription drug dispensing for acute and chronic conditions.

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