The greatest strength of the CHEAR Center is the faculty, fellows, and staff who work together to make a difference in the lives of children through our research.

  • Our Faculty Investigators are the primary faculty located within the CHEAR Center who serve as Principal Investigators and conduct the research projects within the Center. These faculty all have graduate degrees or fellowship training in health services research and represent a variety of disciplines and pediatric specialties.
  • Our CHEAR Leadership Team are faculty investigators and administrative leaders within the Center who meet once a month to provide strategic and operational oversight to CHEAR.
  • Our Research and Administrative Staff are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who provide the support and expertise necessary to facilitate all aspects of our operations. Our Research Staff include data analysts, project managers, research assistants, data collection experts, as well as a quality improvement specialist and statistician.
  • Our Trainees are undergraduate, Masters' and Ph.D. level students and postdoctoral fellows who actively participate in the conduct of health services research under the mentorship of CHEAR faculty. These learners come from academic disciplines that include clinical psychology, epidemiology, health informatics, health administration, medicine, and public health. They participate in all facets of CHEAR research including participant recruitment, data collection, management and analysis, literature review, manuscript preparation and the application of machine learning and data mining techniques to advance the CHEAR mission.
  • Our Faculty Affiliates are colleagues who partner with our Faculty Investigators to conduct health services research in support of the CHEAR mission. They bring expertise and domain knowledge to complement that of our Faculty Investigators that include medical informatics, integrated behavioral health modeling, vaccine-preventable diseases, clinician diagnostic decision making, health care delivery and utilization, and health policy modeling.