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3 in 4 parents say their child’s doctor will influence their decision about getting kids vaccinated against COVID, but many haven’t had the conversation.
Parents concerned about child’s development may not always seek a doctor’s opinion, with 1 in 5 turning to the web, family and friends or social media.
1 in 5 parents in new national poll say their child had a virtual health visit over the past year, a noticeable jump for pediatric telemedicine.
The majority of parents feel informed and confident about pandemic protocols as kids resume sports but some are proceeding with caution.
Nearly half of parents have noticed a new or worsening mental health condition in their teen since the pandemic started; 3 in 4 say COVID-19 has negatively affected teens’ social interactions.
1 in 3 parents feel COVID-19 has made it harder to get preventive dental care for their child; families with Medicaid may face greater barriers.
Children with life-threatening sepsis may stay in the hospital longer if they are from low-income neighborhoods, Society of Critical Care Medicine study suggests. Authors are Kayla Bronder Phelps, MD, MPH, Ryan Barbaro, MD, MS, Gary Freed, MD, MPH, and Erin Carlton, MD.
Teens talking to teens: 1 in 3 parents strongly support schools having mental health programs like peer support leaders, new national poll suggests.
National poll: Cyberbullying, depression and unhealthy habits on parents’ top 10 list of worries. Black families rank racism as No.1 concern and COVID-19 as No.2.
National Poll: Over half of parents say it’s important for children to see extended family and share in holiday rituals but many also want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at family gatherings.