Out-of-pocket Spending for Deliveries and Newborn Hospitalizations Among the Privately Insured

Childbirth is the number one reason for hospitalization in the U.S. Prior studies have analyzed out-of-pocket spending for maternal care, but not have analyzed the total costs families have to pay both for the maternal delivery and the newborn hospitalization. In this study, the authors analyzed data from privately insured families with childbirth episodes between 2016-2019. Mean out-of-pocket spending across the delivery and newborn hospitalization was approximately $3,000 and exceeded $5,000 for 1 in 6 childbirth episodes. When NICU care was required, 1 in 11 families paid more than $10,000. These findings highlight the urgent need for insurers to improve childbirth coverage, thereby reducing undue financial burden on families.

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