Are parents asleep on their teens’ caffeine intake? National poll suggests some may be unaware of how much caffeine is too much for kids
Kids’ diets: Just 1 in 3 parents think the standard American diet is healthy but few try alternatives; 1 in 8 pressure kids to eat everything on their plate.
National poll: 1 in 5 parents consider if their child needs a mental health day; 1 in 4 say attendance policies are challenging for kids with medical conditions
2 in 3 parents in national poll say their elementary or middle school aged child uses audio devices; half of parents of children ages 5-8 report device use
The expansion of online gambling opens up risks of youth access but few parents believe their child has engaged in digital betting, national poll suggests
Many parents vowing to hit the reset button on parenting approaches and family health habits this New Year
Most mothers and over two-thirds of fathers of children ages 0-4 use social media for questions on topics like feeding and behavior challenges

Sarah J. Clark, MPH, of CHEAR was recently quoted in U.S. News and World Report.