Research Issues Related to Workforce Requirements and Quality of Practice Measures in Pediatrics

Faculty Contact: Gary L. Freed, MD, MPH

Research Issues Related to Workforce Requirements and Quality of Practice Measures in Pediatrics (2001-2012) is a broad program of study designed to provide information to the American Board of Pediatrics for use in guiding the future of training, certification, and supply of pediatric health care providers in the United States. Through this relationship, funded by the American Board of Pediatrics Foundation, the Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit is recognized as the official research partner of the Board

The main objective of Research Issues Related to Workforce Requirements and Quality of Practice Measures in Pediatrics is to provide officials at the American Board of Pediatrics with information about current workforce trends in pediatric care, the role of pediatricians in the health care of children and the variation in the care provided by generalists and specialists. This information will allow ABP officials to understand the changing nature of the practice of pediatrics and the role of Board certification in the patterns and organization of care delivery.

Research Topics and Methods:
The research agenda for this program is dynamic, changing as new issues arise.  Close cooperation with ABP officials allows the research team to focus its efforts on critical areas.  Research methods are targeted to the goals and priorities for each study, and include mailed surveys, structured interviews, focus groups, or secondary data analysis.  Results of studies are first presented to ABP officials, and then disseminated at national meetings and through publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Current Research Topics:

  • Understanding the roles and scope of practice of pediatric nurse practitioners, neonatal nurse practitioners, family nurse practitioners, and physician assistants within the field of pediatrics
  • Characterizing the use of Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification® of pediatricians in hospital privileging and health plan credentialing
  • Longitudinal assessment of the timing of and key factors in career choice among pediatric residents

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Principal Investigator: Gary L. Freed, MD, MPH
Project Manager: Kelly M. Dunham, MPP
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