Faculty Contact: Gary L. Freed, MD, MPH, Principal Investigator

QMETRIC is a multi-phase project designed to close quality gaps in the delivery of health care to children through careful assessment of provided services. Established in 2011, this federally funded initiative has led to the development of 43 tested pediatric quality measures. Several of these measures are currently the focus of further study and implementation in the project’s second phase, and two have been endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF).

Measurement of care is an essential step in making sure all children — infants through adolescents — receive appropriate and timely services. QMETRIC quality measures assess the provision of care across multiple clinical topic areas using administrative claims and/or medical record data. Each measure consists of a specific calculation, carefully devised to provide an accurate snapshot of actual use. Results allow for an unbiased assessment of levels of care and reveal gaps in the provision of essential services such as prescribing medications, appropriate use of neuroimaging, and timely treatment in the emergency room.

QMETRIC: Quality Measurement, Evaluation, Testing, Review, and Implementation Consortium (2011-2015): 

In its initial phase, QMETRIC developed and tested scores of quality measures of basic medical care for children. There are six suites of published measures: sickle cell disease, sepsis syndrome, asthma, overuse of imaging, follow-up care for children who are overweight or obese, and availability of specialty services for children on Medicaid. Documentation (specifications, measure rationale and testing reports, support material, and links to the NQF and the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse) is available for public use.

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QMETRIC Implementation and Quality Improvement (2016-2020)

In its current phase, the QMETRIC center of excellence has created a partnership of health care researchers, Medicaid programs, health plans, and health systems to assess the feasibility and usability of six claims-based measures examining care practices for sickle cell anemia, overuse of imaging, and asthma. New rounds of field testing will identify gaps in both care and the measures themselves; quality improvement programs will be conceived and implemented to address deficits. This work will lead to the development of robust measures for use at the state, health plan, and health system level.

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