Emily Fredericks, Ph.D.

Emily M. Fredericks, Ph.D.

Director, Division of Pediatric Psychology
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases

300 North Ingalls 6A18
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5456

Office: 734-615-3866

E-mail: emfred[at]med.umich[dot]edu

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Emily M. Fredericks, Ph.D. is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Division of Pediatric Psychology) at the University of Michigan, with a joint appointment in the Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Center. Dr. Fredericks is the pediatric psychologist on the Multidisciplinary Pediatric Liver Transplant team and provides comprehensive clinical care to pediatric transplant recipients and their families. She has additional clinical interests in the areas of medical regimen adherence, behavioral sleep disorders, and adjustment to chronic illness.

The main focus of Dr. Fredericks' research is on the development of tailored intervention programs to enhance medication adherence in pediatric solid organ transplant recipients, with emphasis on promoting self-management skills among adolescents preparing to transition from pediatric to adult-centered health care. Additional research interests include the use of technology to promote positive health behaviors, and the impact of sleep disorders on health status in children with chronic health conditions.


Fellowship, Pediatric Psychology, C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, University of Michigan, 2005
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Western Michigan University, 2003
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Western Michigan University, 2000
B.A., Psychology, University of Notre Dame, 2001


Use of the Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT) to Identify Risk in Families of Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients