The greatest strength of the CHEAR Center is the faculty, fellows, and staff who work together to make a difference in the lives of children through our research.

Our Faculty Representatives are comprised of colleagues from our eight partner schools on the University of Michigan campus. These faculty, appointed by the Deans of their respective schools, meet together regularly and serve as an important vehicle by which multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research teams are formed. The Faculty Representatives also help to facilitate mentorship for pre- and post-doctoral students, fellows and junior faculty across the disciplines included in the CHEAR Center. Learn more.

Our Faculty Investigators are the primary faculty located within the CHEAR Center who serve as Principal Investigators and conduct the research projects within the Center. These faculty all have graduate degrees or fellowship training in health services research and represent a variety of disciplines and pediatric specialties. Learn more.

Our Fellows are comprised of Pediatric Health Services Research Fellows and Post-Doctoral Research Fellows in Comparative Effectiveness. Their training experience prepares them to be competitive nationally for academic faculty positions. Learn more.

Our Research and Administrative Staff are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who provide the support and expertise necessary to facilitate all aspects of our operations. Learn more.