Press Releases

Teens driving with teens: More than ½ of parents in a new national poll believe their teen has been in an unsafe situation riding with a teen driver.
41% of parents may seek new provider because of unvaccinated children at their doctor’s office
National Poll: While most parents say they are doing enough to prepare their teen for adulthood, they gave low rankings of their teen’s ability to handle basic tasks.
As families celebrate Father’s Day this month, 1/2 of dads say they face criticism and second-guessing about their parenting choices, including for discipline, diet and play style.
National Poll focuses on children’s street smarts, including bike, skateboard, scooter and road safety.
1 in 8 parents say their minor-aged teen has used a rideshare service despite rules banning it; top parent concerns include safe driving and sexual assault
A gift from University of Michigan alumni Susan and Paul Meister will expand the university's impact on children's health research.