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Not all parents say their children consistently wear a helmet when downhill skiing or snowboarding; just 1 in 6 discuss safety rules about sledding with their kids.
1 in 4 parents admit they set overly idealistic holiday expectations, twice as many mothers stressed by preparations as fathers.
More than half of parents in a new national poll worry that they overindulge their children; many report different ways of teaching them to be thankful.
1 in 6 parents of elementary and middle schoolers who use social media say they don’t use parental controls, nearly 1 in 5 say it’s too time consuming to monitor kids’ social use.
One in five parents say they’re too stressed to cook and 1 in 6 say their child eats fast food at least twice a week.
Among biggest concerns: A repeat of virtual school, academic gaps, getting along with friends and school vaccination rates.
3 in 4 parents say their child’s doctor will influence their decision about getting kids vaccinated against COVID, but many haven’t had the conversation.
Parents concerned about child’s development may not always seek a doctor’s opinion, with 1 in 5 turning to the web, family and friends or social media.
1 in 5 parents in new national poll say their child had a virtual health visit over the past year, a noticeable jump for pediatric telemedicine.
The majority of parents feel informed and confident about pandemic protocols as kids resume sports but some are proceeding with caution.