Evaluation of Healthy Kids Dental

Faculty Contact: Sarah J. Clark, MPH


To address longstanding problems of low utilization of dental services among Medicaid-enrolled children, the Michigan Medicaid program implemented a demonstration project, beginning in 2000, called Healthy Kids Dental. Healthy Kids Dental leverages Delta Dental’s existing provider network and administrative processes, extending them to the Medicaid population along with increased reimbursement. Healthy Kids Dental was originally approved for 22 Michigan counties, and over time has been expanded to include all Michigan counties. To evaluate the impact of Healthy Kids Dental over time, CHEAR Center researchers are conducting a detailed analysis of how and where Michigan’s Medicaid-enrolled children receive dental care.

To understand the impact of Healthy Kids Dental on children’s access to dental care.

Research Topics & Methods:
The project will involve detailed analysis of Medicaid administrative claims. Areas of focus include:

  • Receipt of Preventive, Diagnostic and Restorative Dental Service
  • Trends in the Number of Dental Providers Serving Medicaid-Enrolled Children
  • Location of Dental Care

The project is funded by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, in conjunction with the Delta Dental Foundation.

For more information, please contact:
Principal Investigator: Sarah Clark, MPH
Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit
University of Michigan Division of General Pediatrics
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