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QMETRIC Implementation & Quality Improvement (2016-2020)

The QMETRIC Implementation and Quality Improvement project seeks to place children at the center of the health care quality movement. By assessing care for all children within a state, health plan, or health system, QMETRIC will implement its already-developed and validated pediatric quality measures to identify specific ways to improve pediatric population health, including more effective resource utilization and practices promoting better quality of life.

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Ellen Selkie, MD

Ellen M. Selkie, M.D., M.P.H.

Ellen Selkie, MD, MPH, is a Clinical Lecturer in Adolescent Medicine at the University of Michigan. Dr. Selkie’s research at CHEAR seeks to understand how adolescents use digital technology in both prosocial and antisocial ways, and how peer interactions through social media may impact health outcomes in the adolescent and young adult populations.

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Research from the National Poll on Children's Health

National Poll on Children's Health

Parent views on registering children to be organ donars

One in 4 parents of teens of driving age say their teen is registered to be an organ donor. Misconceptions about medical care, potential suffering and cost are major parental concerns about organ donation. Only 17% of parents of younger children said they would like to learn more about organ donation.